Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations

Water My Eyes

A Poem by Randy Lewis

Water my eyes, oh Lord, hear my solemn cry
For a broken and contrite heart you will not despise.
Spirit, uncover my complex and immature disguise
That my often-troubled mind would then be made wise.

Water my eyes, oh Spirit, with each heartbeat’s drumming
To make clear my apathy, my hubris, and all my shortcomings,
Search my being with all guilt and shame expunging
Till at last, I glimpse the perfection of my purposed becoming.

Water my eyes, oh Spirit, but let not my sight be blurred;
Let not the desperate cries for justice go unheard.
Then may a complacent life to committed action be stirred,
That a dreamer’s dream for equality be no longer deferred.

Water my eyes, oh Lord, fill me with thy power abundant
To resist the forces of indifference that evil be no longer triumphant,
But with thy power, a healing grace when one is broken and despondent;
Till together in compassionate caring our hearts become free and jubilant.

Water my eyes, oh Spirit, that I hear thy sacred call,
Make me available to help when others stumble and fall,
Move me in thy loving service for those with no voice at all,
For the stranger, the disinherited, and those on whom misfortunes befall.

Water my eyes, oh Lord, that I embrace true humility,
That I, with full heart, love those who would loathe me,
That I make an all-embracing love my highest priority,
As our rise and fall together is the one inescapable destiny.

Water my eyes, oh Lord, let the teary waters flow,
From a cultivated heart genuine love will surely grow,
May that love be for a broken nation to soon be made whole,
And the valley of death’s shadow releases the grip on its soul.

Water my eyes, oh Spirit, may a spark of thy peace ignite,
That I may weep and groan for humanity’s arduous plight.
May a brokenhearted weeping endure, but only for a night
Till a new joy awakens, a new hope springs with the morning’s light.


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