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The Voice of the Divine (A Psalm)

The voice of the Divine is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path that leads and guides me to all truth. The reality of my truth sets my soul free from the bounds of confusion and self-abasement. It is the truth that reveals my truest identity and purpose.

The voice of the Divine is an anchor unto my soul that keeps me from drifting aimlessly abroad. The Voice of God dispels all doubt, frustration, and anger. The Voice is intertwined with my inner-consciousness and reveals the nature of all things unto me.

I patiently wait to hear from the Divine. I long for that voice to speak peace, life, love, patience, and joy unto me. And may I impart that same into my world. For as long as I live, may the goodness of the Divine spread through me and reach those in the world of my influence.

Speak, Lord, speak!

Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations
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Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations
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