Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations

Envision (A Prayer)

Great Spirit, universal presence, we consider the warmth of the sun this day.
We honor your essence which caresses us in the wind this day.
With the beauty that surrounds us, we refuse to complain this day.
We pray from humble and grateful hearts, considering our own frailties.

We pray that, while serving others from forgiving, open, and loving hearts, our needs are fulfilled as well.

We envision all of our concerns and cares, resolving in the bosom of your great mercy this day.

While in the midst of praise and thankfulness for all of our blessings and for the provision of our daily necessities, we are mindful of others.

Our prayers are with the families who suffer as the result of the many tragedies that have occurred in the world. Our prayers are with those who are experiencing pain and heartbreak and who are discouraged… This day, we pray that they are able to heal and to forgive.

We know that when we love, forgive, and serve one another, it is there, the place where we discover the strength, the presence, and the glory of the Divine.

May we know the way that leads us to this blessed and quiet place; a silent place of healing, deliverance, and restoration.

Oh, God, let it be this day!..

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Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations
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Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations
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