The 5 C’s to a Great Relationship

Relationships are constantly undergoing changes and shifts, and rarely do we find people who stay together for more than 15 years anymore. We recall our parents and grandparents spending 50 and 60 years, often their lifetimes, together. They all had mastered certain keys that enabled them not only to endure but to...


Hope Is A Thing With Feathers

There is something deeply spiritual about hope. Hope provides the power to motivate us and to move us in the direction of our dreams, our visions, and our values.

Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations

Musing on the Gift of Music

When she plays, something metaphysical happens in my body. I enter other planes of existence, enjoying new realities around me. I’m hypnotized. I become the Manchurian candidate, responding to that one–single note which transforms me...

Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations

It Is… Because I Am!

I know the universe is alive because I live. I know the universe is kind because I smile at the stranger.


On Faith, Hope, and Trust

Trust affirms what is present, respects what is past, and has no hold on what is to come but knows that the possibilities are endless.


Musings on Self

On the differences between 'selfish', 'selfless', and 'self-full'.

Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations

Ode to Mother

She does not reckon herself to be the antagonist to the sometimes fragile male psyche; she refuses to be a casualty, nor will she be a victim of any testosterone-driven wager between God and his 'earthly image'...


The Art of Compromise

Marriage is very much like a work of art in that after many strokes and much time it reveals its truest masterpiece. Many enter marriage with an unhealthy understanding of what sustains long-term relationships. Many believe, like the song says, “love is all...

Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations


Stand amazed at the wonder of your existence. You are billions of years in the making. The perfection that is your life stems from billions of billions of years of failures. But now you have arrived, beautiful and perfect just as you are...