Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations


Stand amazed at the wonder of your existence, for you are billions of years in the making. The perfection that is your life stems from billions of billions of years of failures. But now you have arrived, beautiful and perfect just as you are. You are a magnificent manifestation of the original source, the divine! And we beheld your glory and found it to be wonderful. You are the promise and the hope that the wonderment of life shall continue.

Rejoice now in knowing that those who will follow you shall discover an even greater perfection. The gifts that you shall leave will aid in their journey. Now shall your only charge be, to leave this world better off than it was when you first arrived.

~M. Randy Lewis

Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations
It Is… Because I Am!
Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations
Ode to Mother
Poems, Prayers, & Proclamations
The Voice of the Divine (A Psalm)
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